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Ziggy Lovers

For everything Dolph Ziggler

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For everything Dolph Ziggler

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Welcome to ziggy_lovers, your first stop for all things Dolph Ziggler on Live Journal. Feel free to post anything you like about Dolph, pics, videos, news, graphics and perv to your hearts content. You wont get bashed for voicing your views here!


- No bashing of any kind towards Dolph or any of the members.
- All picspams, large pictures, graphic posts, videos or spoilers must be placed under a cut.
- Please tag your entries appropriately. [photos,videos,graphics,news,picspams,etc.]
- Promoting other communities is allowed but please ask one of the mods first and only if it's wrestling related.
- If you have any ideas for an activity, please contact one of the mods before you post it.
- Have a good time. Make that a GREAT TIME.

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